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Airplane spin #1, ballet adagio Sculpture

Medium: Bronze

If you love the dance you will enjoy the “adagio ballet” series created by Stephan Seable. During his high school and college years he danced with a vaudeville troupe sponsored by the Oregonian newspaper traveling all over the Northwest. They toured the Oregon coast and Eastern Oregon in alternate years. The dance team “Steve and Shirley” performed professionally and he and his partner were often were featured on Portland television during the mid-50s.. He later passed his skills on to Students at BYU , Young Ambassadors and Ball room Dance teams who use many moves that he passed on, today.

Stephan’s sculpture of the dance is unique. His experience and knowledge of anatomy, and of the grace and beauty required in the dance his figures come alive. In adagio, a strong male partner must present the female with a seeming effortless grace and ease in a series of poses or pictures. The figures of necessity are created in bronze because of its great tensile strength. This strength allows the drama of the dance is frozen in time and space, demonstrated by the arabesque with the entire sculpture is supported on toe.

The Airplane Spin is a complicated adagio move. This sculpture is the first of all the adagio series I have created and was the inspiration for rest of the group. The rhythm and movement are a feast for the eyes. Side lighted shadow create whole new contours as well as the each slight movement the viewer makes..The dance is the most noble expression of the human form and ballet adagio ultimate aesthetic expression.

  • height - 12 inches
  • width - 12 inches

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  price: $ 3550. U.S. dollars  
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NW Sculpture Magazine Article

fused glass and handcrafted art glass
Adagio Ballet group by S T Seable

fused glass and handcrafted art glass

fused glass and handcrafted art glass
one arm lift, Steve and Shirley

fused glass and handcrafted art glass


ballet adagio sculpture - bronze dance figure - love the dance

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Beautiful fine art, art prints, artistic sculptures and other art for sale from master artist Stephan Seable  
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