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Airplane spin, ballet adagio Sculpture

Medium: Bronze

Many of you will recall doing this trick on the lawn as children. It's exciting and fun, if you don't get dropped. In adagio the move begins with a female taking an arabesque, holding, then slowly falling as the male dancer takes her hand and ankle as she drops. He begins to spin and to lift so that the female goes close to the ground on one side of the turn and shoulder high on the opposite. The level of elevation of the female is determined by the strength of the male and the speed of the spin. If done well it is quite spectacular. When dancing on a polished wood or smooth tile surface, the female is lowered gradually to the floor with her spinning on her abdomen. It takes strength and stamina on the parts of both the male and the female partners for this move to look effortless.

  • size - Medium
  • height - 12 inches
  • width - 12 inches
  price: $ 2750 U.S. dollars   SOLD  

Airplane Dancing People - Bronze Sculpture Dance

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Beautiful fine art, art prints, artistic sculptures and other art for sale from master artist Stephan Seable  
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