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China impressions, Beijing Winter Market Giclée reproductions

Medium: Giclee

This wonderful little painting is one of my impressions of China I painted when my wife and I taught in a University in Beijing. It catches the contrast between the summer and winter markets. Cabbage, sweet potatoes, turnips and a few other root crops were usually the only things available. I recall going out in sub freezing weather and seeing these hardy peasants standing in the snow shifting feet and blowing on their hands to keep warm often wearing woven grass slippers without socks or gloves. Their produce was covered with a quilted blanket almost like a sleeping bag. The vendor would cheerfully pull back the cover so you could choose what you wanted and then cover it quickly, so the vegetables would not freeze. One pleasant memory of the winter is, every market day I bought" bao mi wua". It was popcorn cooked with sugar,the smell and the cold crisp air made it irresistible. When I ask for it without sugar they would give me a very strange look. I people.

available as a giclée print for about half price of the original

  price: $ 400. U.S. dollars  
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Article on China Teachers

fused glass and handcrafted art glass


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Beautiful fine art, art prints, artistic sculptures and other art for sale from master artist Stephan Seable  
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