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Three Rivers Hospital Landscape, Relief Sculpture

Medium: Bronze, Clay, Metal, Plastic casting, urethane, acrylic, epoxy, polyester

The Three Rivers Hospital in Grants Pass commissioned me to do this relief mural on the donor wall of the hospital dining room. A special feature, is an 10 foot stainless steel waterfall that runs a continual sheet of water over its surface. The relief sculpture depicts the forest and streams of southern Oregon. It was first created in clay and then cast in fiberglass and finished with a bronze patina to reduce weight on the walls. Of special interest is the salmon spawning in the stream and leaping across the falls. A Steelhead trout is feasting on loose eggs from the salmon's Redd.
I taught freshwater biology and have always enjoyed nature with family and students. I took great pleasure creating this work With the assistance of my son Nathan and son-in-law Clark Schaffer who helped with the mold making and casting. Their assistance with the installation was invaluable.The patined fiberglass is a perfect durable alternate to the weight problem of bronze. It has become a landmark in a favorite of children and adults visiting the hospital. it is considered a monument celebrating the bountiful animal and plant life we all enjoy in Oregon.
A casting of the forest and fish parts are available separately, at reasonable cost and would make a perfect addition to your home or office space. Contact the artist.

  • height - 96 inches
  • width - 144 inches
  • note: 8x12 feet

cast fiberglass relief - Monument - bountiful wildlife

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Beautiful fine art, art prints, artistic sculptures and other art for sale from master artist Stephan Seable  
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